About The Max

I am The Max a self taught artist from the UK

I started painting and drawing at an early age, my love of painting started from watching my dad paint

I would sit patiently waiting for him to let me try only to be given all the sanding and undercoating tasks!!

Then one day he finally let me loose with his precious brushes

and I have never looked back

I am also a singer songwriter & musician

so my painting path lead me towards pop art

 I was exposed to so many different styles of music from a young age, this is where my love of music grew and when my passion for soul music was born

Most of my non commision work reflects my musical inspirations

I use Acrylic on stretched canvas, with visible brushstrokes

and apply the paint in different thicknesses which gives it texture and depth

all canvases are finished with 2 coats of high quality varnish

feel free to contact me if you have an idea but cant put it onto paper

I will be happy to come up with a design from your suggestions

I hope you enjoy my paintings

The Max